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Sustainability Report

Sustainability report


The activities undertaken in the area of sustainable development comprise our strategic goal, since everything we do affects the performance of the strategy, and each of our short- and long-term objectives is one of its integral elements. Pursuing the company’s strategy, we support people, protect natural environment and achieve profit for the business. We truly care for the sustainable development concept to become the reality at Rawlplug.


Our involvement in the company’s growth in line with this philosophy stems from the conviction that sustainable future of the business can only be ensured through responsible actions. We wish to share these values with our business partners, customers and employees. That is why we have prepared a report concluding our endeavours aimed at implementation of the sustainable development strategy in 2019.


The purpose of the report is to comment upon all aspects of Rawlplug’s operations with reference to the sustainable development idea. It is also assumed to illustrate how all areas of the company’s activity affect and support the pursuit of the sustainable development strategy, both inside the company as such and wherever we run our facilities and plants. In one document, we have managed to gather information concerning the support we provide to local communities among which we work, our attention to natural environment and our requirement towards business partners to follow principles of business ethics, as laid down in the Rawlplug Code of Ethics. Moreover, we pay much attention to the greatest value we have, namely our people and all efforts related to increasing their working comfort, personal growth and professional development.


Sustainability report