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  • Amicus Poliniae Sp. z o. o. 51.91%
  • PKO BP BankowyPTE 9.01%
  • Nationale Nederlanden PTE 8.73%
  • Radosław Koelner 9.79%
  • Quercus TFI S.A. (incl. Quercus Parasolowy SFIO 4.74%) 5.24%
  • Others 15.31%

ShareholderNumber of shares% in share capitalNumber of votes at the general meeting% of votes at the general meeting
Amicus Poliniae Sp. z o.o.16.902.75051,91%16.902.75051,91%
PKO BP Bankowy PTE2.933.6399,01%2.933.6399,01%
Nationale Nederlanden PTE2.842.1388,73%2.842.1388,73%
Radosław Koelner3.189.1039,79%3.189.1039,79%
Quercus TFI S.A. (incl. Quercus Parasolowy SFIO)1.705.831 (1.543.207)5,24% (4,74%)1.705.831 (1.543.207)5,24% (4,74%)