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Who we are looking for

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Each day work at the Rawlplug Group gives an opportunity to take on new challenges and achieve consecutive successes.

We look for people, who care not only for stable employment in an international environment, but also find motivation in ambitious tasks. Each new person who joins our team constitutes unique value for us in the context of creating the Rawlplug Group’s culture. We gamble on people who wish to develop, and we provide them with possibilities to do so through trainings and courses tailored to individual needs of employees.

The values which we follow have a significant influence on the functioning of the Group, which is why they play an important role in terms of searching for our prospective employees.

We look for people who:


  • are  genulieny interested– motivated, as well as open to change and new challenges
  • are eager to cooperate – able to work in a group in order to achieve collective goals
  • strive towards professionalism – focus on the highest level of their performance
  • are effective – able to handle complcations and take advantage of beneficial circumstances
  • are customer oriented – care about long-lasting and rewarding relationships, are able to listen to and meet the expectations of our customers, both internal and external

As an international capital group we look for employees all around the world.


The Group’s current successes is the result of effective work of nearly 2000 people. The future of our Group may also depend on you. We encourage you to become familiar with the various departments and the current job offers.

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Rawlplug Products

Welcome to Rawlplug SA corporate website.

If you are interested in Rawlplug® products, services and trainings, please visit the brand site: www.rawlplug.com.